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The meaning of Hōkioi

The name of Hōkioi comes from one of our eagles that are no longer with us. It was a bird of black feathers, tinged with yellow and green; it had a bunch of red feathers on top of its head. Its sound was said to be "hokioi-hokioi-hu-hu." It could guide the high mountains and have precision in its aim. We are told stories of the bird being very powerful. Hence the reflection of the name Hokioi. The story was gifted from a Koroua in Tahaaroa and Koroua of Ngati Tahinga. 

Hōkioi makes it a point of diffference to Create Your Dreams through a process that puts all clients at the heart of any work. 

About us

Hōkioi is a whanau business established by two passionate creators Natasha and Paddy Willison-Reardon.


By starting Hōkioi they were able to help other people bring their building needs to reality. With over 25 years in the industry Hokioi has been able to grow and establish a reputable portfolio.

Paddy started his study specialising in Plaster Board fixing and finishing, he then continued on with a passion for the industry and gained qualifications in Carpentry, Specialist Interiors (Proprietary partitions and suspended ceilings), Project Management and Apprenticeship Assessor. He has been involved in many large scale commercial projects of some well-known franchise chains Burger King, Burger Fuel, Hardy's Health Shops, Braemar Private Hospital. Paddy also has experience with both timber and steel frame residential builds, completing builds such as duplex builds, large scale 700+ sqm steel frame homes, new builds, extensions and renovations.


Since starting Hōkioi, Paddy and Natasha have brought their children and grand-children on-board and they now work as a collective to ensure Hōkioi is always providing quality, efficient workmanship.

Meet our Team!

At some point through the process when you work with us, you will either directly deal with one of the members of the team or they will be the one who does your build. We think it's important for you to know abit about them. We think our team is pretty neat and want to show you how far they have come.



To give back to the community, our clients and those in need 


To be true, valid, honest, genuine, and sincere


To love and care for our clients and all mahi we do


To be and to create strong leaders and to lead by example


To care for all that we do


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Raiki is our first apprentice. He started with us in 2018 and is nearly finished! 

Raiki loves the outdoors and in his spare time enjoys surfing, hunting, and diving (in the hopes to one day spearfish a kingfish!). Raiki also plays touch and league during season. He one day hopes to party in Greece!

If he had one super power it would be to be the fittest, so he wouldn't have to train all year round!


Te Aoturoa

Te Aotorua started his apprenticeship with us in 2018 aswell. He is so close to finishing he can't wait!

Te Aoturoa loves anything outdoors. From surfing, diving, fishing, and hunting. He wants to one day go on a trip to milford/ dusky sounds, skydive and to surf cloudbreak standing up.

If he had one super power it would be "teleportation so he can save the money on gak"


Morehu is a qualified builder who started with us at the beginning of 2021. He is our first other qualified builder other than Paddy. 

Morehu loves a good jam on the game and bike riding around. He one day hopes to go drifting in Japan, and driving luxurious cars in Dubai.

If he had one super power it would be "levitation"


Detroit is a qualified builder who started with us in 2021. He is like the big brother to all our boys and always makes sure they have a laugh. 

Detroit breeds English bulldogs in his spare time and has been doing so for ... years/months? He also loves cars. and currently has a .... He one days hopes to travel Europe and own a Ford Falcon xy.

If he had one super power it would be to "read minds, so that he knows what everyone is thinking"

Noah is our newest apprentice. He has been helping us over the last couple of months and has just recently decided he wants to be qualified.

Noah loves sports. He plays basketball, league, rugby and will give anything else a go. He one day hopes to move back to Australia, and be fully qualified in the trade. As much as Noah loves being an uncle he also one day hopes to have his own whaanau.

If he had one super power it would be to be the fittest, so he wouldn't have to train all year round!


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